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What is reproduction furniture?


Reproduction furniture is simply recently made furniture that is made to look like antique furniture. Sometimes it has been distressed or treated to look old and well used or it can be made to look just as the original antique piece would have looked when it first came out of the workshop.

Unlike counterfeit antique furniture, reproduction furniture's intention is not to be an exact copy of the original but rather an interpretation. it should never be sold deceptively and knowingly attempted to be passed off as a genuine antique, indeed this is a criminal offence in many countries.

The main advantage of buying a reproduction over an antique is of course cost. Another big advantage is convenience, imagine trying to fill a room with matching antique furniture, getting just the right pieces in just the right colours to match could be incredibly difficult and time consuming. Doing this with reproduction furniture can be as easy as having a look through a brochure and making a quick phone call to a reproduction furniture supplier. Many suppliers such as ourselves can even colour a new piece to match any existing pieces you already have as well as make a piece in the same style as your current furniture.