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Reproduction furniture as a cost effective alternative

Anyone that has ever spent an afternoon visiting a stately home will have undoubtedly admired the period pieces of furniture on show. Generally these are behind ropes stopping us from taking a closer look, this gives us the feeling that they are worth a lot of money, and they generally are.

If you want a genuine antique piece of furniture in your home such as a Chippendale chair or Sheraton table, or an exquisite sideboard or bookcase, then you should be willing to spend as much as what you might pay for an average new car. For a larger, more spectacular piece be willing to spend what you would normally pay for a brand new luxury car.

What many people do not realise is for just marginally more than you would expect to hand over for modern flat packed furniture, you can have a craftsman made quality piece of furniture that's virtually the same as the pieces you see when wandering around stately homes. As well as having a beautiful piece of timeless reproduction furniture you also have the advantage of not having to spend hours assembling the pieces yourself, with lots of bolts, dowels and screws, which can easily get damaged, go missing or simply be assembled incorrectly, as all reproduction furniture is always fully assembled.

Reproduction furniture is often built and finished going through many different polishing processes to a much higher standard than normal modern furniture. This means it will last much longer with day to day usage and general wear and tear, hence buying reproduction furniture will work out more cost effective in the long term rather than buying contemporary furniture.

Unlike most modern style furniture, reproduction style furniture can be tailor made to your needs and requirements in either mahogany or yew, using a mix of traditional skills and state of the art machinery and it can also be colour matched to your existing pieces of furniture. If you were to need some extra shelves in a bookcase or simply extra wire management in the rear of an Hi-Fi cabinet, with reproduction furniture this is never a problem, unlike modern flat packed furniture, where to change your piece, you would need to make an extra purchase.

So the next time you view a stately home and see antique furniture you love, have a look at some fine examples of reproduction furniture and see if you can find something similar. You could be pleasantly surprised to see how affordable it is.